Carbon Management Plan of the EURICOM Group S.p.A

Climate change has been universally identified as a major challenge that nations, governments, economic systems and citizens are called upon to address.

Since 2018 Italian Industries in the Euricom Group have implemented a NET ZERO policy in relation to Scope 1 and 2 emissions, supported by the CO2=ZERO mark and brand.

The CO2=ZERO mark refers to rice and other rice and cereal products processed and packaged in Italian plants in the Euricom Group (Curti 110 and 113 in Valle Lomellina, CO.RI.SO. in Confienza and Riseria Pigino in Palazzolo Vercellese). Among these the Curti 113 plant, in addition to being the largest rice processing plant in Europe, has a plant that generates renewable electricity from biomass with an installed power of 4.5 MWe. The biomass used comes from the rice processing cycle making it a closed and virtuous system; the electricity produced is used to power the rice processing cycle.

Since 2012 companies in the Euricom Group have implemented and certified CSQA Greenhouse Gas Inventory Reports in accordance with ISO 14064-1:2006. For the year 2022 reports were drawn up using the GHG Protocol method; regulations require that all emissions under the operational control of the certified operator be accounted for (methane boilers, electricity consumption, company vehicles and fugitive emissions).

The data certified by the Inventory was the methodological support through which Euricom was able to take stock of:

  • emissions in the “Euricom system”, i.e., under the operational control of the company
  • greenhouse gas emissions saved due to the renewable energy produced

For residual emissions the Euricom Management chose to work with Rete Clima to purchase certified carbon credits, to demonstrate that the Euricom process has a “CO2=0 balance”.

To do this we withdrew 7318 offset certificates relating to the VCS 985 project - “Cordillera Azul National Park REDD Project” in Peru. The Cordillera Azul National Park REDD+ project avoids deforestation in a magnificent expanse of lowland and mountain forests in four departments in central Peru: San Martin, Ucayali, Huánuco and Loreto.

To identify a totally truthful and transparent communication strategy, Euricom with the support of the CSQA certification BODY body, referred to ISO 14021: 2016 which provides universally shared standards on environmental marketing.

The CO2=ZERO mark, including the relevant qualifications explained both on the website and on the packaging where identified, is technically classifiable as an “environmental self-declaration” and was developed in accordance with ISO 14021, with particular reference to point 7.17.3 relating to “Carbon Neutrality”.

Let us therefore analyse the following communication on the subject:
All emissions from the rice processing and packaging phases are offset, i.e., emissions relating to all activities under the direct operational control of Euricom: electricity production and consumption, methane gas consumption, diesel consumption for company vehicles and fugitive emissions.

Offsetting carbon emissions occurs through a strategy of replacing fossil fuels with renewable sources. Residual emissions are offset by purchasing carbon credits.

For the year 2022 emissions under the direct operational control of the Euricom Group amounted to 7.525 t CO2 eq.

“Avoided emissions” due to supplying the network with low carbon bioenergy equal to 207 t CO2 eq. are subtracted from these emissions.

Residual emissions equal to 7318 t CO2 eq. were offset by working with Rete Clima, as described above.

Our commitment to zero plant emissions and sustainability projects will continue throughout 2024 in relation to the reference year 2023.

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Riccardo Anselmo Ferrario
Euricom S.p.A.