Business Area



Euricom is present in international trade with around one million tonnes of sales between finished products and commodities each year. The Group is currently among the top five players in the world and the first in Europe in the rice processing and trade sector.

The trading strategy is carried out through triangulations with the countries of interest, following the phases of the purchase, transport, storage and sale.

Euricom seeks and buys raw materials all over the world - without geographical limitations - going personally to rural areas to examine and select the product, guarantee its quality and ensure the best value for money.

The main commodities and finished products travel with conventional ships and container carriers. The group also owns storage sites in silos and warehouses, for better logistics management of the exchanges.



Through the companies of the Group, Euricom produces and sells dry pasta made from 100% durum wheat semolina.

A workforce of talent and experience is employed, capable of producing pasta - long or short, traditional, bronze drawn, with cereals or wholegrain, special or quick cooking - all strictly controlled and certif(ied.

Laboratory tests – carried out to guarantee the best quality of each product - are executed both in internal structures and in external laboratories.

Euricom specializes in private label production and produces high quality pasta for the main European supermarket and discount chains, as well as for the main food manufacturers, importers and distributors worldwide.


Euricom has a long history of supporting the rational and sustainable use of energy.

As a result, the Group is committed to create industrial projects that achieve an excellent balance between energy efficient operations, eco-sustainable methods and integration into the social, economic and productive environment of the various communities where it operates.

In Italy, Euricom produces clean energy using the husk, a by-product resulting from the processing of Paddy. Twenty years ago, Curtiriso plant was the first in Europe to be the result of a CO2 = ZERO budget process, where the emissions of greenhouse gases resulting from energy consumption are fully offset by the benefits obtained thanks to production of energy from renewable sources, taking into account the values of Durban and Kyoto agreements.